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I’m passionate about empowering retirees to get the most out of their finances and their lives.

Throughout the year I host events designed to create clarity by simplifying complex topics surrounding retirement. These events are all offered on a complimentary basis and are geared towards those who have spent time and effort accumulating significant wealth.

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Tuesday September 27 2022 7pm PST
Via Zoom – Work Optional Webinar: What You Need To Know
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Are you in or quickly approaching the time in your life where work is optional? Are your stock options, large retirement plan balances and high tax income tax rates making you realize your situation is more complex than you had anticipated?

Let me help you simplify your retirement plan distribution options and financial planning strategies in this live webinar.

I will discuss:

-Tax implications for plan distributions
-Early withdrawal penalties
-Penalty exceptions
-The ABCs of RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions)
-Roth conversions
-Planning strategies for Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (“IRMAA”) surcharges

Via Zoom – The Changing Face of Retirement

Do you know what role Social Security and Medicare will play in your financial future? We’ll explore the following topics: what’s different about retirement planning today, Social Security, Medicare, identity protection, retirement planning strategies and choosing your next steps as you explore retirement.

Via Zoom – Preparing for Retirement

Effective tools to assist you as you prepare your budget for retirement, manage income and expenses, calculate your net worth, and plan for significant long-term medical and health care coverage including long-term care.

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Held in Carlsbad, CA

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If you would like any more information on these events, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.


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