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What We Do

With nearly 20 years of experience, I’ve dedicated my career to empowering clients to take control of their finances. My goal is to form a partnership with you where communication and trust are of the utmost importance.

A road map to your dreams

I believe you should be free to dream and confidently plan for your future, and so I’m here to serve as your trusted advisor and financial partner. I stand by the belief that money doesn’t have to be complicated. I’ll help you see beyond the confusion and guide you through life’s many transitions by providing clarity in your finances.

A custom-built financial strategy forms the bedrock from which you can set, pursue, and potentially reach your financial goals. I understand that each client’s needs and ambitions are unique. As a result, I am dedicated to creating customized wealth management strategies that fit your individual circumstances, and can grow and evolve with you through the many milestones of life.

Lacking confidence, knowledge, or a firm starting place can prevent many people from taking the necessary action needed to help successfully align their finances with their dreams. I’m passionate about teaching and guiding my clients, and seek to allay your concerns by working closely with you to develop solutions that strive to withstand fluctuations in the markets and unexpected life events.

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Your Private Wealth Advisor

As an independent firm and Private Wealth Advisor, you can trust me to provide objective advice and guidance. No matter what your goals, concerns or questions may be, I offer a caring and confidential ear. Communication is key to our success in so many areas of life, and finance is no different. I’m here to serve as your advocate, walking beside you as you set out on your path to financial freedom.

Perhaps you are in the midst of a transition and are seeking guidance and advice during divorce, retirement, inheritance or sale of a business or real estate. Change can be a confusing time, and so having someone you know you can always turn to in these moments can provide a huge source of relief.

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Some of the financial services I can provide are:

Reviewing finances to develop a true, wealth management approach

Developing and implementing a financial plan

Providing personal consultation and ongoing advice

Selecting appropriate strategies and models, and combining them for optimal portfolios

Monitoring your plan, strategies and model performance on an ongoing basis

Performance reporting

Acting as an intermediary between your CPA, Attorney and other trusted advisors


What We Do at Meritage Wealth Management
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